Hilarious Dog Owner Struggles: A Way of Adding Fun in Life

Hilarious Dog Owner Struggles: A Way of Adding Fun in Life

It is true indeed that dogs are a fun-added accessory in life. When it comes to choosing a pet… the very first word that comes to mind is the “dog”. There is no difference between cherishing a child and bringing up a puppy. Even a child becomes serious as he grows up but a mature dog still behaves like a puppy. A dog may never become mature and it is this immaturity that brings happiness to a dog owner’s life. The mischievous acts exhibited by this marvelous creature are enough to bring smile on anyone’s face.

Here’s The Top 7 Way Hilarious Dog Owner Struggles

#1) When Your Dog Becomes an Uninvited Guest For Dinner

If you live alone in an apartment without any human being but you own a dog… then you can be sure to never ever think of eating alone. Your dog will become your ultimate partner. Just try to ignore him once. Sit on the couch in front of a T.V. and open the can of coke and take that a bite of a burger. You wouldn’t be able to tuck your food inside. A sudden heavy jerk will be felt on the shoulder. Yes, it is your dog who is asking for his share in the traditional manner. Only a dog owner knows how to enjoy this hilarious struggle of eating alone.

dog Becomes an Uninvited Guest For Dinner

#2) Your Dog Will Never Let You Dine Out Alone

Well, it seems to be much cooler managing a pet in the home abode. The more funny scenes have been spotted while people dine out with family members or guests. One of the furniture making company recommended that dining tables must be designed to accommodate pet dogs. The idea would have been hit upon definitely if the person had seen pet dogs lying inside the tables. In this case home dogs have proved to be civilized one too. They don’t embarrass the owner by putting mouths on their shoulders. They keep sitting underneath and poking their owners for more food. One can hardly keep attention to that person sitting in front of them because of the distraction of the four-legged buddy near their feet. These moments are more  enjoyable for the owner.

dog Becomes an Uninvited Guest For Dinner 2


#3) When Your Dog Becomes Your ‘Tail’

They don’t like sleeping on a floor mattress but they do love to sleep in bed when you are lying on it. A person who is passionate about their dog always has to sacrifice 3 ½ feet of their bed. The thing is you can’t sleep without each other. Trying hard to return your pet on their own side is indeed a tiring process; most just give up because of the multiple failed attempts never. Yes, your pet is now your tail.

dog Becomes an Uninvited Guest For Dinner 3

#4) Your Dog Will Help Others Find You

You are inside your home and don’t want to reveal your location to a friend who is about to visit you. Believe me; you will never succeed if you have a dog. Hide yourself in the bathroom or try to find a rescue place inside the bedroom… your pet will sit outside and this will give your friend a clue to your presence. Here, another hilarious struggle comes forward: Training him to not be a compass for others but their love and affection for you will never let him learn this.

dog Becomes an Uninvited Guest For Dinner 4

#5) A Player Who Never Wants to be Defeated

Well, this is the more childish behavior shown by a dog to entertain his master. He will always insist to throw a ball and never give it back to him. Owners think, only they can enjoy from the funny movements of their pet; they are wrong. It’s fun for dogs to irritate them by not returning the ball. Again this is a healthy struggle and only a dog owner knows to cherish this playful time with their pet.

dog Becomes an Uninvited Guest For Dinner 5

#6) Your Dog Always Finds Refuge on Your Lap

Owners foster the pets like a child and pets also respond by expecting their owners to be parents. This is best seen when a dog immediately gets frightened by a thunderstorm and jumps on the lap of you, their master. Whether you’re just sitting on the couch watching T.V with your significant other or your spouse, you will learn from your dog to save him or her some space.

Your Dog Always Finds Refuge on Your Lap

#7) Your Dog’s Face Will Always Be Cute To You

The most hilarious moment for a dog owner is when you actually observe your pet making a request. This request is most probably for affection and attention from you. Your dog’s face will always be cute and innocent to you whether it means they would like to go outside for a walk. Their face makes them your best companion. It’s simply hard to ignore and absolutely irresistible to not give in when they give you that ‘Don’t you love me?’ anymore face. How can you say no to that awesome, cute face, right? Your dog almost always wins over your heart.

Your Dog’s Face Will Always Be Cute To You

Which of the TOP 7 can you relate the most too and did we miss something? Leave us a comment below!

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