German Shepherd a “Scaredy-Cat!?!”

German Shepherd a “Scaredy-Cat!?!”

Although we tend to see cats and dogs as opposing forces, are they really? We noticed many of our fans have shared pictures and stories of their cats and dogs being the best of friends. Some have stated their cats and dogs treating each other as ‘family’.

Of course, an unfamiliar face can sometimes take some time to get used to. Also, it’s no surprise that a first encounter for a new pet is usually filled with curiosity and suspicion for those veteran pets in the household. But what if a dog meets a cat that happens to be a tiger? Alright, geez, it’s not a real tiger, it’s a stuffed toy tiger! This German Shepherd a “Scaredy-Cat!?!” let us know in the comments!

Further investigation found….

Are Dog’s Like German Shepherd a “Scaredy-Cat!?!”

The Happy Pet Company researched and found that dogs and “big cats” can really get along. Here’s a dog who became a surrogate to three lion cubs!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Quirky China News / Rex Features (1724266a) The dog mother feeding the three lion cubs Surrogate dog mother cares for three lion cubs, Nanning, Guangxi Province, China - 25 May 2012 A surrogate dog mother is seen caring for three newborn tiger cubs at Nanning Zoo in southern China's Guangxi Province. According to the zoo, the mother lion is unable to care for her three cubs due to ill health so they had to seek help from elsewhere.

Or how about this one?

One of the most popular comment is…

German Shepherd a "Scaredy-Cat!?!”

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