7 Easy Signs To Know Your Dog is a Happy Pet

7 Easy Signs To Know Your Dog is a Happy Pet

How do we know that our dogs are happy? It would be so much easier if they had the ability to say what they feel. But because they can’t, the following are a few, easy non-verbal signsthat can tell you if your furry four-legged companion is a happy canine!

Sign #1: Happy Tail-Waggin’

A pup with a wagging tail is a common sign that he/she is a happy pet! A dog’s tail can tell us so many things. Imagine the moment you see your pet at the door. For most, it’s not a surprise to see your dog’s tail waving side-to-side like “Hello! I’m so excited to see you’re home!” It lets us know that they are so happy to see us.Keep in mind that a dog who gets excited for dinner, or for that walk, or playtime is a sign that they are happy!

cute puppy dog

Sign #2: Happy Eyes

You can tell a dog’s emotion by the way their eyes change in shape and size. Take a look to see if your dog’s eyes appear normal in size and shape. This will tell you that they are at peace with the environment and surroundings. The opposite of that… if your dog is feeling scared or uncomfortable, their eyes will appear very large. Take some time and pay attention to the way your dog’s eyes are changing during different times of the day and when you are doing different activities with them.

Happy Collie Dog

Sign #3: Happy Smile

Have you seen your dog smile? It’s so hard to look at them and not give them a pat or rub on their belly when they do. Another easy sign that your dog is happy is when they show their teeth and have their mouth in an upward position aka in ‘smiling mouth’ position.This is another way to communicate that yourdog is content. A dog that is severely panting could be a sign of heat exhausting or stress, let this be something you take as a signal to give them water.

Happy-Doggy Smile

Sign #4: Happy Ears

This may be one of the trickiest signs since different breeds have different kinds of ears.  But by just paying attention to your dog’s natural positioncan reassure you that they’re a happy pet! When your dog is feeling scared, you may see their ears completely flat on their head.

Happy Pet Dog

Sign #5:Happy Activity and Health

Your dog’s health is a good correlation to their happiness. It’s true that a healthy dog is a happy dog! It’s not hard to see the change in your dog’s mood when they aren’t feeling their complete best. Be sure to have your sickly pupvisit the vet so he/she can return to being a happy camper. In addition to health, the way your dog stays active is another sure sign they are happy. Although age can be a factor, a happy dog should be up and moving for most of the day.

Happy Dog Running

Sign #6: Happy Eating

Although some dogs may dislike certain kinds of foods and are pickier eaters than others, it’s a good sign that a dog is happy by their willingness or desire to eat. If your dog doesn’t want to eat, something could be wrong (perhaps loneliness or an upset stomach). Do a veterinarian check if their eating habits don’t return to normal.

Happy Puppy Dog Eating

Sign #7: Happy Sleeping

Pay attention to your dog’ssleeping cycle, where they sleep, and the length of their sleep. Research shows that a happy, relaxed dog is going to have a healthy sleeping cycle and show normal sleeping patterns.

Happy Dog Sleeping

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